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    • Race And Cricket: The West Indies And England At Lord's, 1963 

      Harris, Harold Richard Herbert (History, 2011-10-11)
      Cricket became a sport in which there was a clear separation based on race and class; and these distinctions initially determined function within the sport. In England, where the distinction was based mostly on class, the ...
    • Race/ethnicity And The Attitudes Of College Students Toward Women In Policing 

      Haba, Calvin (Criminology & Criminal Justice, 2007-09-17)
      The attitudes toward women in policing were compared among college students from the three racial/ethnic groups of African American, Hispanic, and White. Because of the limited literature available, this research explored ...
    • Racial Disparities And Capital Sentencing As Perceived By Criminology And Criminal Justice Students 

      Lumbala, Hubert Kanda (Criminology & Criminal Justice, 2011-07-14)
      The purpose of this study is to examine the difference of perceptions of criminology and criminal justice (CRCJ) male students in comparison with their female counterparts on possible race factor in death penalty sentencing. ...
    • Racial Disparity And The Crack Cocaine Federal Sentencing Guidelines 

      Binnicker, Sandy L. (Criminology & Criminal Justice, 2013-03-20)
      Racial disparities throughout the Federal Prison System are perhaps more apparent today than ever largely due to the fact that people are becoming increasingly cognizant of disproportionate sentencing for various types of ...
    • Radar Sensor Networks: Waveform Design, Mimo And Compressive Sensing 

      Xu, Lei (Electrical Engineering, 2012-04-11)
      In this dissertation, we have studied totally eight topics which are focused on but not limited to radar sensor networks (RSN) from a signal processing perspective. We propose the definitions of ZCZ/LCZ (Zero Correlation ...
    • The Ragtime Violin 

      Irving Berlin (Ted Synder Co, New YorkCentral Library, University of Texas at Arlington, 1911)
    • Rainfall induced distress in low volume pavements 

      Hedayati, Mahsa
      Annual expenses of distresses caused by volume change of expansive soils induce significant financial burden on maintenance authorities. The problems occur as the expansive soils within the unsaturated zone of the soil ...
    • Ral Interacting Protein (Ralbp1): Linking Glutathione Conjugate Transport To Oxidative Stress Defenses And Signaling Pathways 

      Wickramarachchi, Dilki (Chemistry & Biochemistry, 2008-08-08)
      The glutathione-conjugate transporter protein DNP-SG ATPase was demonstrated to be identical to the independently cloned Ral-effector, Ralbp1. Glutathione-conjugate transport is linked to substrate-stimulated ATPase activity, ...
    • Ralbp1 In Stress Resistance 

      Drake, Kenneth (Chemistry & Biochemistry, 2008-08-08)
      Ralbp1 is a multi-specific transporter of glutathione conjugates as well as unconjugated amphiphilic toxins. Because glutathione conjugates are major metabolites of toxic lipid peroxidation products generated as a consequence ...
    • A Random Walk Approach To Sampling Hidden Databases 

      Dasgupta, Arjun (Computer Science & Engineering, 2007-08-23)
      A large part of the data on the World Wide Web is hidden behind form-like interfaces. These interfaces interact with a hidden back-end database to provide answers to user queries. Generating a uniform random sample of this ...
    • Rangoon Burmese 

      Recorded by: Harris, Jimmy G. (University of Texas at ArlingtonDepartment of Linguistics & TESOL, 1975-08-06)
    • Rate Control Algorithms For IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks 

      Chakravarty, Bodhisatwa (Computer Science & Engineering, 2007-09-17)
      This thesis evaluates software driven rate selection algorithms used in IEEE 802.11 wireless network interface cards. The motive of the bit-rate selection techniques is to optimize the throughput over the wireless network ...
    • Rate Of Diversification In Crickets (Orthoptera: Ensifera) And A Possible Role Of F Supergroup Wolbachia In Bush Crickets 

      Panaram, Kanchana (Biology, 2007-09-17)
      Part I: Rates of speciation can tell us more than how many species have survived over a period of time. They indicate whether there are some characteristics of organisms or biogeography scenarios facilitate or hinder ...
    • Ratio Bias In Judgment Under Specific Emotions 

      Liu, Yanfei (Psychology, 2013-03-20)
      How does specific emotion influence the ratio bias phenomenon? Previous studies suggested that a more systematic and analytical reasoning with logical rationality seemed to be stimulated by negative emotions. However other ...
    • Rawang 

      Recorded by: Harris, Jimmy G. (University of Texas at ArlingtonDepartment of Linguistics & TESOL, 1977-09-28)
    • Rawang Tones 

      Recorded by: Harris, Jimmy G. (University of Texas at ArlingtonDepartment of Linguistics & TESOL, 1977-09-28)
    • RC Brochure 

      The University of Texas at Arlington (12/8/2012)
    • Rcd-1 Related:a Positively Selected Retrogene With Spermatogenesis Function In Drosophila 

      Muliyil, Taniya (Biology, 2008-04-22)
      Gene duplication is one of the major forces in driving genome evolution. Our study focuses on a particular retrogene Rcd-1 related (Rcd-1r) that originated through retroposition of the parental gene Required for cell ...
    • (Re)using Women: The Image Debate In Early Modern Allegory 

      Hubnik, Sandi J. (English, 2010-07-19)
      This project is concerned with how, during the reign of Elizabeth I, early modern writers use the representations of certain allegorical women characters to discuss the issues central to the image debate and the need for ...
    • Re-engineering a website into a digital humanities project - we think! 

      Johnson, Lynn F.; Holmes, Ramona (2014-05-07)
      What happens when you have a website that needs a facelift and you want to evolve the contents into a digital humanities project? What makes it different? This poster session explores a process we are attempting at the ...