Recent Submissions

  • Modifying a Project Memorandum of Understanding for Reuse 

    Rafia Mirza, Southern Methodist University (2017)
    University of Texas Arlington Libraries developed a flexible template and workbook for the use of Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) in Libraries. The MOU team felt the time was right for development of the template and ...
  • Using Omeka as a Gateway to Digital Projects 

    Downing, Jeff; Reece, Derek; Johnson, Lynn F.; Mirza, Rafia (University of Texas at Arlington Libraries, 2015-09-18)
    The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries experienced a reorganization in 2013. As part of that reorganization, our new focus is on digital projects and open source software. According to, “Omeka is a ...
  • Re-engineering a website into a digital humanities project - we think! 

    Johnson, Lynn F.; Holmes, Ramona (2014-05-07)
    What happens when you have a website that needs a facelift and you want to evolve the contents into a digital humanities project? What makes it different? This poster session explores a process we are attempting at the ...