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    • De-Archiving Digital Humanities: A Decolonial Option with Undergraduates 

      Sachs, Rod; Brayner, Rhuda; Carey, Katrina; Dinh, Stephanie; Torre, Sebastian De La (2015-04-11)
      A difficult question circulating within emerging digital humanities revolves around pedagogy and asks, “How are digital humanities [ethically] produced?” A subject that naturally intersects with ethics and digital productions ...
    • Against the Cultural Singularity: Toward a Critical Digital Humanities 

      Liu, Alan (2015-04-11)
      Following up on the question he asked in the title of his 2012 essay "Where is Cultural Criticism in the Digital Humanities?", Alan Liu will present early drafts from a book he is writing that imagines a mode of cultural ...
    • "Endangered Archives, Digitization, and the Possible Futures of Historical Research in Latin America” 

      LaFevor, David C. (2015-04-11)
      This presentation introduces the audience to a multi-year collaboration among digital humanists, historians, translators, and local team members in Cuba, Colombia, Brazil, and Florida. Funded by the British Library ...
    • Digital Oral History Collections: Implications for Innovation in the Humanities 

      Nunes, Charlotte (2015-04-11)
      This presentation will theorize the implications of digital audiovisual archives for humanities scholarship and pedagogy. The proliferation of digital oral history projects available online means that they comprise an ...
    • Digitized Diaries and the New Manuscript Archive 

      Henderson, Desiree (2015-04-11)
      As Digital Humanities has taken root across the disciplines, one field has particularly benefited: Diary Studies. In the past, the study of a manuscript diary was determined by access to the archive where the diary was ...
    • Texas Digital Humanities Conference 2015 

      Conference logo designed by Candy McCormic, Graphic Web Designer, Central Library, University of Texas Arlington.; Program Committee: Jody Bailey, Jeff Downing, John Garrigus, Ramona Holmes, Spencer D. C. Keralis, Rafia Mirza, Rod Sachs, Faedra Wills.; Laurel Stvan (chair), Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Linguistics and TESOL, University of Texas at Arlington (April 9, 2)